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Animal Postcards

These animal postcards from the MOMA shop are so fun. I love how each animal has been so elegantly abstracted down to its most essential shape. The resulting designs are clean, simple, and whimsical.


Duck Animal Postcard

Penguin Animal Postcard

Zebra Animal Postcard

Images: MOMA


Experimenting With a Lightbox

I used to think that shipping was the hardest thing about running an Etsy shop, but now I’ve changed my mind. It’s photography.

With shipping, you figure it out once and you’re done. With photography, it’s a repeated learning process. Maybe it’s because I’m still very much an amateur, but I’ve found it’s difficult to take photos in exactly the same lighting (and at exactly the same angle) every time, which means that the editing process ends up being quite varied. The good thing is that this forces me to learn a lot of Photoshop functions. The bad thing is it takes me forever to get any new photo to match the look and feel of my existing photos.

As an attempt to make things a little easier for myself, I decided to try experimenting with a lightbox. I thought that maybe having a slightly more controlled environment would help with producing more consistent shots. Also, I figured that it might eventually be better to use a background that, unlike my current hardwood floor, isn’t tied to where I’m living–since I could very well move in the future.

Below are some test shots (white background) compared to my existing photos (wood background) of some Halloween cards:

Euclid Street Shop Ghost Test Photo

Euclid Street Shop Ghost Photo


Thanks A Bunch Card

Thanks a Bunch Card

Here’s a card that’s relatively new to the shop. I’ve been meaning to make a thank you card for awhile now–because after birthday cards, the type of card I buy most often are thank yous! For this card, I knew I wanted to make the illustration a play on the word “bunch,” but my original idea was a bunch of flowers, rather than balloons. Somehow, though, while I was sketching, balloons just seemed right!

Happy Unbirthday Card

Happy Unbirthday Card

Sometimes, I can be pretty bad at remembering birthdays. It’s only gotten worse since I became a Facebook slacker. (An unexpected side effect of not logging into Facebook every day is an increase in the number of times I panic over a forgotten birthday.) That’s what inspired me to make this belated birthday card.

Recently, though, I realized what would be even better than sending a belated birthday card: sending an unbirthday card. After all, a belated birthday card will obviously be late…but an unbirthday card will most certainly be on time!

Orchid Birthday Card

Orchid Birthday Photo 1My mom loves all flowers, but her absolute favorite is the orchid. She adores orchids. Unfortunately, greeting cards that feature orchids are not super common. In the past, when I’ve wanted to send my mom a card, I never had much luck finding an orchid card. So I’ve decided to make one myself. This card design, newly available in the shop, is dedicated to my mom and all the other orchid lovers out there. Enjoy!