How to Solve an Unsolvable Problem

My printer is extremely persnickety. It rejects all types of card stock except one. And sometimes, it even rejects that one. You know, just for fun.


Given that I run a card shop, this is a problem.

For awhile, though, it wasn’t an unsolvable one. The solution was simple: keep feeding the paper over and over until the printer, either out of pity or exhaustion, decides to accept it after all. My printer is a cruel and stubborn machine–but luckily, so am I.

Then came the day when I needed to switch card stock suppliers…which meant I also needed to switch card stock.

Frantically, I tried all the obvious solutions. I requested samples from multiple suppliers. I test printed in different weights and textures. I re-investigated all the possible printer settings. Nothing worked.

At this point, I was pretty convinced that my problem had become unsolvable. My printer was non-functioning, and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one. Futilely, I had looked at the situation from every possible angle.




What Should I Do With My Life?


I discovered this book, Po Bronson’s What Should I Do With My Life?, at the library last week. It was sitting prominently on a display with all these other books encouraging positive life changes (e.g., The Power of Kindness, Why Courage Matters), none of which, to be absolutely honest, I was in the mood to read right then. 

In fact, I almost didn’t even want to read What Should I Do With My Life?. I had recently made the decision to enroll in a design certificate program, which already felt like a solid move towards answering the book’s eponymous Question. I didn’t want any more advice that might encourage me to change my mind. I didn’t need any more choices. I just needed to make a choice!

But I’m a real sucker for people’s life stories, especially when it comes to The Question, so I decided to check out the book anyway. “I’ll just read a couple stories,” I thought.

I couldn’t put it down.