I Promise the Dress Won’t Be (Too) Hideous

will you be my bridesmaid card

New in the shop: a funny way to ask “will you be my bridesmaid”? Designed for slightly cheeky brides-to-be.


How to Solve an Unsolvable Problem

My printer is extremely persnickety. It rejects all types of card stock except one. And sometimes, it even rejects that one. You know, just for fun.


Given that I run a card shop, this is a problem.

For awhile, though, it wasn’t an unsolvable one. The solution was simple: keep feeding the paper over and over until the printer, either out of pity or exhaustion, decides to accept it after all. My printer is a cruel and stubborn machine–but luckily, so am I.

Then came the day when I needed to switch card stock suppliers…which meant I also needed to switch card stock.

Frantically, I tried all the obvious solutions. I requested samples from multiple suppliers. I test printed in different weights and textures. I re-investigated all the possible printer settings. Nothing worked.

At this point, I was pretty convinced that my problem had become unsolvable. My printer was non-functioning, and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one. Futilely, I had looked at the situation from every possible angle.



Will You Hug Me?

New in the shop: a non-heteronormative valentine card series, which I’ve been meaning to create for awhile now. After the surprise success of my “I Like Your Face” card, I decided to try my hand at some more stick figure designs. This particular one is fully customizable for gay, lesbian, and straight relationships, and you can choose to have your conversation heart say either “Be Mine” (classic) or “Hug Me” (my personal favorite).

Cute Gay Valentine

Cute Lesbian Valentine

Will You Be Mine?

Will You Be Mine?

Unbirthday Giveaway

Happy Unbirthday Card

Just wanted to let you all know that Jessica Angeles of Jess Loves This Life is hosting a giveaway this January, during which she will be gifting her readers lots of little goodies…including my Happy Unbirthday cards!

The giveaway is in honor of Jessica’s birthday month, because she wants everyone to be able to celebrate with her, even those who weren’t born in January. Hence, the unbirthday cards. (I knew they would be super useful.)

I discovered Jessica’s blog when she stumbled upon my shop on Etsy (a thoroughly serendipitous occurrence all around). Her posts are honest, sweet, and inspiring–although she’s been through a lot, she still maintains a wonderful sense of courage and optimism. Head over to her blog to learn more about Jessica’s story (and enter her giveaways, of course!).

A Holiday To-Do List

Euclid Street Shop About Photo

Classes ended almost two weeks ago, which means my holiday break is just about half over. Originally, I had planned to accomplish all sorts of Etsy-related things during this time. Here was my to-do list:

1. Research domain registrars.

2. Design cards for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe even give wedding cards a shot.

3. Redesign shop banner.

4. Complete shop About page.

Instead, here is what I actually spent most of my time doing: