How to Solve an Unsolvable Problem

My printer is extremely persnickety. It rejects all types of card stock except one. And sometimes, it even rejects that one. You know, just for fun.


Given that I run a card shop, this is a problem.

For awhile, though, it wasn’t an unsolvable one. The solution was simple: keep feeding the paper over and over until the printer, either out of pity or exhaustion, decides to accept it after all. My printer is a cruel and stubborn machine–but luckily, so am I.

Then came the day when I needed to switch card stock suppliers…which meant I also needed to switch card stock.

Frantically, I tried all the obvious solutions. I requested samples from multiple suppliers. I test printed in different weights and textures. I re-investigated all the possible printer settings. Nothing worked.

At this point, I was pretty convinced that my problem had become unsolvable. My printer was non-functioning, and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one. Futilely, I had looked at the situation from every possible angle.




B is for Busy (and Bad Poetry)

B is for Bad Poetry Cover

Oh man, this week has been a whirlwind!

Classes have started, I’ve moved (sort of), and the Euclid Street Shop is now an official business registered with my city, county, and state. This basically means I’ve spent the last couple days running around town buying art supplies, turning in paperwork, and taking care of a million other errands. I feel like I’ve spent every waking moment trying to cross things off my to-do list.

Strangely, I’m happy. I know that’s such a cliche, that being busy makes you happier, but I always thought I was personally immune to that. I was always like, um no, I’d rather sit on the couch and watch TV all day, thanks. But now here I am. And maybe I’m beginning to understand another cliche: that being busy with what you don’t want to do is the problem, not being busy itself.

I’ll have to reflect more deeply on that another day, perhaps. For now, on to the Bad Poetry!

Pamela August Russell’s poems–which are collected in her book, B is for Bad Poetrycame at me out of nowhere. There I am, scrolling through my Tumblr feed, and BAM, her poems run out in front of me like a suicidal deer in the road.


A Day at the Arboretum

Fullerton Arborteum

Over the weekend, I went to the Fullerton Arboretum for the first time. Despite having grown up nearby, I’d somehow never been before. What a shame! I was so surprised that such a vibrant natural oasis exists in an area I’ve always thought of as uniformly drab suburbia. But yes. Scenes like this can be photographed in Orange County:


I Want a Dog

Italian Greyhound

Someday, I’d really like to have a dog.

This doesn’t have anything to do with my pursuit of the creative life, except maybe that I’ve decided that in my ideal creative future, a dog must be included.

I realize that I may be romanticizing dog ownership, but doesn’t it seem so nice? A dog is like a friend who’s always glad to see you. A dog is always there for you.

That said, I also understand that having a dog, like having a child, involves a lot of responsibilities. Which would probably not be practical for me to take on right now, given that I’m sort of in the middle of a career change, and that I have no idea where I’ll end up living long-term. There’s also the fact that I’ve never had a dog before.