Career Advice for Introverts

introvert infographic use 2

Earlier this week, I came across this infographic on DesignTAXI.

As a pretty strong introvert (who happens to think a lot about introversion), I was immediately intrigued. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I definitely googled “best jobs for introverts” more than once, hoping to gain some insight. I would have been thrilled to find an infographic like this one. It’s so organized! So optimistic! So encouraging!

Indeed, when I first discovered this, I was pretty excited. Especially when I saw what jobs were listed under the “Where They Can Flourish” section:



How To Be A Self-Taught Designer

Design jamjar

Can you become a designer without going to design school?

Why, yes! Yes, you can!

That’s what I learned from Karen X. Cheng’s awesome, inspiring, and thorough post on “How To Get a Job as a Designer Without Going to Design School.” I’ve linked the Medium version here, because it’s the most recent (according to Karen’s blog). But I first discovered the post when it magically appeared in my Quora Weekly Digest email a few days ago. It was like Quora knew I’d been wondering about this very topic and decided to solve all my problems with one email.