Unbirthday Giveaway

Happy Unbirthday Card

Just wanted to let you all know that Jessica Angeles of Jess Loves This Life is hosting a giveaway this January, during which she will be gifting her readers lots of little goodies…including my Happy Unbirthday cards!

The giveaway is in honor of Jessica’s birthday month, because she wants everyone to be able to celebrate with her, even those who weren’t born in January. Hence, the unbirthday cards. (I knew they would be super useful.)

I discovered Jessica’s blog when she stumbled upon my shop on Etsy (a thoroughly serendipitous occurrence all around). Her posts are honest, sweet, and inspiring–although she’s been through a lot, she still maintains a wonderful sense of courage and optimism. Head over to her blog to learn more about Jessica’s story (and enter her giveaways, of course!).


Oh, hey.

The funny thing about blogging is that it’s somehow a lot easier to blog three times a week than it is to blog once a week. It’s probably because when you tell yourself you’re going to do it three times a week and you don’t touch your blog for a whole week, you realize you’re already three posts behind. And so you scramble to make up for it. But when you tell yourself you’re going to do it once a week and you don’t…well, technically you’ve only missed one post. So it takes you three weeks to get into “yikes I’m three posts behind” mode. Or, if you’re like me, it takes you a month.

But…I’m back now. So let’s have a catch-up lunch, blogger version! Here are some things I’ve accomplished in the past few weeks:

1. Illustrated  Thanksgivukkah e-cards for I loved working on these! Check them out on



10 Blogs I Love Right Now

I love blogs. I love that a blog is a little space on the internet that someone can carve out for herself. I love that blogs can become communities where like-minded individuals can connect.

I also like that what blogs you read can say a lot about who you are. Not the ones you say you read, or the ones you’ve been meaning to read, but the ones that you actually read.

At first, I was a little anxious about writing this post. What would I learn about myself once I took an honest look at what I was reading every day? Would it be totally embarrassing? Would I be reluctant to share?

As it turns out, I think my list of favorite blogs paints a pretty accurate picture of who I am, guilty pleasures and all. And you know what? I don’t mind it. So, here they are: ten blogs that I love right now.