Hello there. I’m Michelle. I like things that are sad but a little funny, or funny but a little sad. I’m an aspiring design nerd who also happens to be a book lover, TV addict, and macaron guzzler. If you want me to like something, just tell me it’s British.

Not too long ago, I graduated from college with a degree in history and literature. Not too long after that, I went to work as a paralegal, to see if I wanted to go to law school. Very shortly after that, I decided I did not.

This is a blog about my search for a more creative life. I’ll share what I’m learning about starting an Etsy shop, studying graphic design, and making time (or trying) to write fiction. I’ll also post things that I find inspiring or helpful, especially for others who may also be searching for the creative life.  I’d love to hear your story, so please feel free to reach out!

Email: euclidstreetshop [at] gmail.com

Tumblr: euclidstreetshop.tumblr.com

Shop: euclidstreetshop.etsy.com



  1. I love that you decided to pursue what you wanted in your heart to pursue; a creative life. It’s inspiring that you released your store even after self-doubt and the time that went by. Personally, I feel that life presents us with too many opportunities to only choose one field of dedication in our lives so I ask myself often Why NOT ? Why not get a degree in that and also do blank and blank. Just because you started something one way, why not try to do something another way! I’ll definitely be following. Hope you have a lovely day!

    1. Bree, thanks so much for your encouraging words. You totally made my day! I completely agree with you about life–and it’s especially nice to hear someone else say it. I’m heading over to your blog now and will definitely be following you as well!

      1. You are very welcome and Thank you for visiting my blog/following. I went to your Etsy store, I really like your cards, they are simple, sweet, and one of a kind! I’ll be back there : )

  2. As a creative person, it’s impossible for me to restrain my creative expression. I have a job that puts me behind a desk, but I also have sought ways to follow my heart into a more satisfying field. It’s a real plus that you discovered that the legal field isn’t your cup of tea at this point in your journey. I wish you the best with your Etsy shop.

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