A Holiday To-Do List

Euclid Street Shop About Photo

Classes ended almost two weeks ago, which means my holiday break is just about half over. Originally, I had planned to accomplish all sorts of Etsy-related things during this time. Here was my to-do list:

1. Research domain registrars.

2. Design cards for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe even give wedding cards a shot.

3. Redesign shop banner.

4. Complete shop About page.

Instead, here is what I actually spent most of my time doing:

1. Watched Gilmore Girls.

2. Vented about how irritating I find Rory Gilmore.

3. Bought Christmas presents.

4. Wrapped Christmas presents.

A few days ago, however, I did finally drag myself over to cross some things off my to-do list.

First, I tackled my About page. I’d been putting it off because I always find it sort of overwhelming to decide how to represent myself to the world. I’d also felt intimidated by others’ About pages. Beautiful home studios awash in natural light, elegantly rustic packages wrapped in baker’s twine, adorably friendly dogs–these are all things that exist in others’ About photos but definitely not in my life.

Still, I couldn’t really put this off much longer. I’d heard that an About page would be required starting in January, and while I don’t recall ever seeing an official Etsy notice about this, I figured I might as well do it now.

So I did it. I decided that instead of focusing on what I don’t have (e.g., a photogenic life, complete with sleek iMac and perfectly organized supply shelf), I would focus on what I do have (e.g., an honest story about how I came to start the shop).

I had initially planned to create all new content for the page, but I eventually decided to repurpose this blog post and this photo and let myself publish it as a “finished work-in-progress.” That is, something that I recognize can be improved upon in the future, but also something I like for its own sake right now. (As Sheryl Sandberg says, “Done is better than perfect.”)

I was so inspired by my ability to finish my About page that I even went ahead and redid my banner as well–on the same day!

Of course, I haven’t done much else since then. But it is Christmas Eve today, so I think I’m going to let myself off the hook for now. May all your holidays be merry, bright, and–if you so desire–more productive than mine!



  1. I think it’s great that you decided to focus on what you do have instead of what you didn’t have. I mean, if we all just focused on what we didn’t have, we would just miss out on the potential for something great in what we already we do have to work with. Though you haven’t followed your initial list exactly,what you did do sounds nice! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Thanks, Kate! 🙂 I actually do have a business-y question for you that might allow me to retroactively cross of one of my to-do list items…haha. Do you have any advice on domain registrars?

      1. Hey Michelle x well acquiring a web domain (URL) is really easy and you can purchase your URL (web address) from a mix of online domain websites one I use is 123-reg.com but you can shop around for offers and such to.

        Domain names are renewed each year or you can purchase them for 2- 3+ years but more importantly they’re those few keywords that enable your audience and potential customer to find your amazing product 🙂 . Therefore when you type in a combination of URL words for example http://www.kateleonardillustration.com to me and others it seemed simplier than http://www.kleonardillustration.com as a full name I found for my audience was easier to type and remember.

        So just write out afew URL ideas for your own web address, once you’ve got a web address your happy with you can search via the domain websites like 123-reg to see if they’re free to purchase. Sometimes its also best to buy 2 domain names just for security really as with my business being in the UK I purchased .com and .co.uk to prevent anybody trying to replicate my site at a later date with the address I hadn’t purchased.

        Anyhow it can all be about techy but hope it made abit of sense if you have anymore q’s just ask x kate

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