The Grand Budapest Hotel

Yesterday, I saw that Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel was being advertised on the NYTimes website. Being a gargantuan Wes Anderson fan, I had heard of the movie but not what it was about and when it was coming out. I’d carefully refrained from learning these details because once I know even a small amount of information about a Wes Anderson movie, I need to watch it right away.

Since the movies advertised on the NYTimes article pages are normally imminent releases, I thought it was safe to rush over to YouTube and watch the trailer:

Alas, I also discovered some news articles announcing that the premiere of the movie will open the 64th Annual Berlin Film Festival in February 2014. As if I’m supposed to be excited about that, given that it’s two months (not to mention an entire ocean) away. Even more depressing: the movie won’t be showing in the United States until March 7, 2014.

However, I did discover this cool “motion movie poster,” and I think it sums up everything I love about the Wes Anderson aesthetic:


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