Month: November 2013

Let it snow…elsewhere.

The past couple days here have been unusually…well, November-y.  It’s been getting dark earlier, and it’s actually been a little chilly. Yesterday, it even rained.

While I do appreciate that LA is doing an impression of the whole changing seasons thing, today I want to share a holiday card inspired by its normal sunny self:

Let It Snow...Elsewhere Card



Oh, hey.

The funny thing about blogging is that it’s somehow a lot easier to blog three times a week than it is to blog once a week. It’s probably because when you tell yourself you’re going to do it three times a week and you don’t touch your blog for a whole week, you realize you’re already three posts behind. And so you scramble to make up for it. But when you tell yourself you’re going to do it once a week and you don’t…well, technically you’ve only missed one post. So it takes you three weeks to get into “yikes I’m three posts behind” mode. Or, if you’re like me, it takes you a month.

But…I’m back now. So let’s have a catch-up lunch, blogger version! Here are some things I’ve accomplished in the past few weeks:

1. Illustrated  Thanksgivukkah e-cards for I loved working on these! Check them out on