International Shipping? You Got It.


My shop is now a little over three weeks old. When I think about the actual number of days since I started, I realize it hasn’t been very long at all. Yet it feels like it’s been forever. It’s probably because I’ve had to learn so much every day, which always makes time feel longer.

Last week, I spent a lot of time doing research on shipping. So far, I think it’s been the most stressful part of running the shop. There are so many factors to consider! Should I ship my cards with rigid inserts to prevent bending, even though they increase shipping costs? But would someone pay X amount for a card that only cost $4.00 to begin with?

Originally, because of my woeful lack of experience, I was only going to ship within the United States. Plus, there’s been a lot of chatter about how USPS recently raised its international rates. I did not want to have to get into all of that.

But it seems that a lot of Etsy sales actually do come from international orders. And a lot of Etsy sellers were saying that shipping internationally isn’t as intimidating as it seems. As for the high shipping costs? Well, as one seller put it, there’s no harm in at least offering to ship to international buyers. Let them decide if the costs are too high.

So I reconsidered. I went back into research mode…and emerged with these revamped shipping policies. There you have it–international shipping is officially now available!

For those who are also new to Etsy and trying to figure out international shipping costs, here are two resources I found especially useful:

Brittany’s Best Shipping Calculator: Unlike the USPS calculator, this uses the commercial rate that you would get if you purchase your shipping labels through Etsy.

USPS Price List: An official, very comprehensive list of all rates for all mail types and weights.

Image: Flickr // Smithsonian


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