How To Be A Self-Taught Designer

Design jamjar

Can you become a designer without going to design school?

Why, yes! Yes, you can!

That’s what I learned from Karen X. Cheng’s awesome, inspiring, and thorough post on “How To Get a Job as a Designer Without Going to Design School.” I’ve linked the Medium version here, because it’s the most recent (according to Karen’s blog). But I first discovered the post when it magically appeared in my Quora Weekly Digest email a few days ago. It was like Quora knew I’d been wondering about this very topic and decided to solve all my problems with one email.

Karen’s post lays out everything you can do to become a designer without going to school–she suggests books to read, tutorials to complete, communities to join, and more. She also organizes it in a way that feels logical and, most importantly, feasible. Seeing all the steps listed out like that makes the whole journey seem a little less impossible.

I’m still going to stick with my plan to earn a certificate, since it’s what I’ve decided is best for me, but I think Karen’s advice is valuable no matter what path one takes. Guess I’d better get started on her suggestions soon!

Image: Flickr // jamjar



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